Mrs S

Mrs S didn’t want her face or name put to her belly, so here is her wonderful write up on her journey to motherhood and below are a few photos I took of her and her two children’s bellies.

My  Journey to Motherhood.

I had never thought I wanted children, my life was consumed with sport and training and the thought of changing my body was something I did not relish, after all I had worked for too long and too hard to have it ruined.

When I met my husband the thoughts started to change and his view on how I looked helped me to appreciate the change would only enhance my character not hinder my looks…

Eventually when I fell pregnant with my first child I ate and ate and ate and gained nearly 6 stone throughout the pregnancy. I could not do anything physical as I felt sick all the time and sat on the sofa in the final trimester…. After giving birth I struggled to bond with my baby due to the immense frustration that my birth had not been the way I had wanted , which I know was due to being so over weight. The more I looked at my body, the more I became angry for allowing myself to eat the way I did and not care about the consequences.

2 years on and 4 stone lighter it was time to consider baby number two! Could I go through with it again? Would my body gain the same amount of weight if not more? Would I have the same issues bonding second time round? what if I could not lose the weight this time? How many more stretch marks would I end up with?…

Well the difference was I was in control of my body and my choices. I had a beautiful child and had bonded through time and emotional healing for various reasons, I was playing regular netball and training hard in the gym, I was ready! So ready that I continued playing netball all season till I was 7 months and was loving the way I looked. The final trimester and I had only gained 5pounds throughout!!!! The labour was induced as it was first time round only this time it was 2 hours rather than the previous 3 days and I felt good. When my little bundle came into the world I final knew I was a woman, lumps, bumps stretch marks to boot, this was me and I was going to embrace it with two hands.

Like every woman I have days when I don’t feel great and more often than not I don’t, but being a teacher and with two little ones to run around after, I struggle. Yet looking at all my wobbles and marks I can stand proudly in the mirror and be truly blessed that God gave me the gift of being a mother and seeing it through from conception to delivery, to have two healthy adorable children who teach me daily about myself and a husband who admires me as a woman when he sees the stretch  marks and says “without them I would not have become a father” suddenly I realise, my belly is something to be proud of.

I’m still working on the weight loss but the fact is I will never look like I did it my teens, nor do I want to ,as back then I had little drive for life, now my children are my driving force and the journey is only just beginning….


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