Amanda Sian Feasey

Amanda’s story in her own words…

My story…..we (me and my husband) had been trying for a baby for a while, my husband was told that he may never have children due to having problems when younger we made a decision to go to the doctors and be checked, the doctor booked him in to the clinic and a week before he was due to go I did a pregnancy test as felt different I didn’t tell him as didn’t want raise hope and I WAS pregnant….i was very excited but knew I had to wait to tell him when he got home, we both was extremely happy……I had quite an easy pregnancy  but gained a lot of weight due to giving up smoking (me and hubby), and eating chocolate ;)…then the last 4 wks. I was in and out of hospital with suspected preeclampsia, all went quite a week before our little man was due so we just had to wait, he finally arrived a week late … I had a birth plan I wanted to go completely natural as much as I could, went into labour at 8.30pm waited at home as much as I could but was extremely tired so at 3.30am I went into hospital they examined me and I was 3cm dilated, they decided as I was over they would do a sweep :S, I got sent home but was in loads pain, my contractions were very close so I went back in hospital I had progressed but was very uncomfortable so the drugs started coming thick and fast, the midwife felt my tummy and found my lil man was back to back (explains the pain), I ended up having an epidural the 1 thing I didn’t want, tht didn’t work so I had 4 :@ then at fully dilated my lil man just wouldn’t drop any even after pushing for 2 hrs.. So 63hrs of labour later my lil man arrived via emergency C-section with spinal which again didn’t work first few times..Jonathan Carl Feasey, born 4/1/10 at 3.30pm weighing 7lb1oz….


After 10mth we tried again and was blessed with a second pregnancy, unfortunately we lost the baby at 10wks :(…


After that we were a little nervous to try again but  2 mth later we found out I was pregnant 🙂 , needless to say all throughout pregnancy I was very nervous :S  again I had a very smooth pregnancy apart from baby being back to back again, i didn’t bother with a birth plan as I realised babies come when they want and how they want, at due date I was waiting anxiously but again my 2nd lil man didn’t want to make an appearance…5 days late I went into labour, this was a little quicker and I went all the way with just gas n air, up until the point of pushing for 2 hrs again he didn’t progress, so I had another emergency C-section 😦 it took 4 attempts again to get spinal in, it took them  a little longer and I was very worried but afterwards they explained they had tried to let me have my natural birth but found my pelvis was the wrong shape!! So after 36hrs of labour and only gas n air and a spinal my lil man Bradley James Feasey was born 3/5/12 at 6.40am weighing 8lb 8oz….


We want more but now realise I will always have to have C-section x I’ve had a journey to accept my body after birth but my midwife explained how C-section are performed (pulling stomach muscles apart) and I now realise my body is amazing what it can do and it’s a map of my babies journeys and I wouldn’t change it for the world it’s my mummy belly :D….. How can a little cell turn into a baby then grow so fast from small babies into toddler, young adults then mummies and daddies? A women’s body can grow a little baby then feed it and nurture it to grow big and strong…I look at my boys every day and im so proud I (with a little help from daddy) created them and raised them on my own milk and now teach them every day x

Amanda’s belly


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